About Us

Hi, I'm James.

If I'm not playing Fortnite or Pudge Arcana in DoTA2, you'll see me trolling (well, not really) the Summoner's Rift as a Draven one-trick.

That mugshot tho...

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have a full-time job as an IT consultant, but that doesn't stop me from getting my recommended daily gaming intake of about 6-7 hours.

From my semi-boring IT job to exploring the world of Runeterra, I've realized that the joy I get from gaming is AT LEAST 40% due to peripherals. This includes sound quality and earcups comfort, tactile feeling of the gaming keyboard, monitor visuals, and of course how much gas my tower can handle. 

That's why I decided to start VitaClaims.com - it's a culmination of my 8 years worth of gaming experience. On this blog I detail my experiences on purchasing gaming peripherals  - from the most  expensive gaming chairs, to the weirdest wireless mice.

If you're as much of a gamer as me, you'll definitely enjoy - or at least find something useful - on this blog. Game on!